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Launch of the Excellence Pro Network

To support the growth of work-study programs, the Excellence pro network was launched on Friday, February 11.


For several weeks, part of the team has been working on an essential mechanism of the robot : the climber.

Communication plan

This year, for our communication to be more effective, we have set up a communication plan.

France Parkinson’s visit

We met with members of the association "France Parkinson" to organize future projects together.

The WorldSkills

This year, Robo'Lyon took part in the WorldSkills which took place in Lyon in January

3rd Night of Solidary Innovation

This year, Robo'Lyon took part in the 3rd Night of Solidary Innovation which took place on January 27th and 28th in Lyon

The Intake

After showing you the progress of the field construction last week, today we are going to talk about our Intake.

Our drive train

This week we received our training base from one of our partners, BCM Metallerie.

Pitch’s bulding

During the kick-off presented by FIRST in January, we discovered the 2022 game !

Reel International

A big thank you to REEL for providing the bars for the Hangar (game element of the competition)