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Intake in preseason

During this new pre-season, part of the CAD team has been working on an INTAKE mecanism. The team whishes the INTAKE to be able to pick up a cone, a complex shape, difficult to grab.

Culinary specialties fair

We volunteered to help Albigny-sur-Saône judo club that was organizing a “French culinary specialties” fair.

Master class video and photo

One of our member’s father presented us his job and experience about video and photo making.

Training for the real kick off !

During the weekend of October 22-23, our team trained for the January 7 kick off.

A new French FRC team : The Cyborg Bulls !

They are a new French FRC team, and their biggest dream would be to take part in the competition this season!

Off season training

The new FRC season is coming soon!

Booste ton avenir

We went to the “Boost your Future” fair with FIRST FRANCE in Auvergne.

BIG 2022

On October 6, Robo’Lyon attended the BIG 2022, Europe’s largest business event.

presentation at “Bel Air” high school

Robo’lyon presented FIRST to another high school : Bel Air high school in Tarare!


Our faithful partner : CIC bank