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Digital sprint event

Robo'Lyon was present during the digital sprint event at the Collonges au Mont d'Or media library.

The Innovation Challenge experience goes on!

It seems that our laser belt helping Parkinson's patients has appealed to the judges because we are qualified for the next round of the innovation challenge. A big thank you to the judges for their trust and interest in our project.

End of the “At Home” challenge

The "At home" challenge is over. The team is proud to present 4 piloted courses and 2 courses in complete autonomy of the robot.

Electronic components of robots

Our robot is composed of an electric plate allowing to control all the mechanisms and movements of the robot

Meeting with high school students

Robo'Lyon is involved in the creation of new teams in France.

Woodie Flower

The Woodie Flower Award recognizes the work of a mentor in mobilizing and engaging the entire team.

Registration for the “Innovation” Challenge

Since the marhc the 1rst, the 5553 team is officialy registered to the Innovation challenge

Registration for the “At Home” challenge

Since Monday, March 1, 2021, Team 5553 is officially registered for the "At Home" Challenge!

Thanks to Groupe Noel

Groupe Noel is our partner since 5 years, by machining the parts of our robot.

The end of the holidays

Relive the second and last week of February holidays!