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Conference at industry’s party

Yesterday evening took place the festival of the industry at the Hippodrome de Parilly organized by the UIMM. Women in industry and robotics were honored. Thanks to Penelope and Cloé for their superb performance in front of nearly 400 bosses!

Programming Team

The "Programming" team works on the program allowing the different components of our smart belt to communicate with each other.

CAD Team

Each week, discover the specialties of the team members: Today the CAD.

Eric Schneider, more than a teacher!

This week was "Teacher Appreciation Week" organized by FIRST to thank all the teachers in the world for their investment. This article is dedicated to the only mentor teacher of the team, Eric Schneider!

Interview with the FIRST®

Digital sprint event

Robo'Lyon was present during the digital sprint event at the Collonges au Mont d'Or media library.

The Innovation Challenge experience goes on!

It seems that our laser belt helping Parkinson's patients has appealed to the judges because we are qualified for the next round of the innovation challenge. A big thank you to the judges for their trust and interest in our project.

Meeting with high school students

Robo'Lyon is involved in the creation of new teams in France.

Woodie Flower

The Woodie Flower Award recognizes the work of a mentor in mobilizing and engaging the entire team.

Let’s go for the 2021 season

The 2021 season has begun! Saturday 09.01, the team lived the kickoff of the 2021 season FIRST Game Changers. After having spoken strategy and established for the 3 challenges offered, all the team was impatient this week-end to take up the proposed challenges despite the current situation and remains motivated to "Change the rules of the game".