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Robo’lyon met the Minister of Industry!

We were proud to show our minister of industry, Roland Lescure, how young students get involved in STEM and French Industry! We are happy of this positive Impact we have on our community and are so glad to help @first_france_off as much as we can!

Training for the real kick off !

During the weekend of October 22-23, our team trained for the January 7 kick off.

A new French FRC team : The Cyborg Bulls !

They are a new French FRC team, and their biggest dream would be to take part in the competition this season!

BIG Tour

For the first time, Robo'Lyon was invited to the BIG Tour 2022, where they could discover BPI France!

Lamartine Belley visiting us

We finally met a potential future French team from The Lamartine institute! We already knew them before because we managed to meet them by video conference few days before.

Parkinson’s event

Robo'Lyon's team organized an event around Parkinson's disease for high school students. The aim was to change the way people look at this disease...

Lions club’s event

A few weeks ago, On Thursday, May 19, we participated in the Lions Club's Neuville Val de Saône Evening of the Heart.

Our robot arrival

Our robot returned from Chicago on Monday, May 9! The box was opened under the eyes of our excited team. Let's remember that our robot reached the semi-finals at the Chicago regional.

Exposition at the Hôtel de Région

On April 11, 2022, one of our team members went to the “Hôtel de Région” in Lyon to attend a photography exhibition.

The competition

We just participated in the FIRST Midwest Regional in Chicago.