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Holidays Camp !

During the second week of the holidays, the team met from Tuesday to Saturday in order to advance on our various projects.

The Gonzales Group

During the vacation training course, part of the Robo'Lyon team had the opportunity to visit the Gonzales group premises !

Elcia came !

Several employees of the Elcia group came to help us in the Communication and Programming areas. The students learned new techniques

Lions club visit !

In October, we had the opportunity to attend a Lion's Club meeting, one of our faithful partners.

VENCK Conception

Members of Venck Conception came to Robo'Lyon to see how we work.

Our new ambassador

Today, we would like to introduce our first Robo'Lyon ambassador: Hervé de Malliard !

2 americans at Robo’Lyon !

Anthony DAILLY, one of Robo'Lyon's founders , visited us. He didn't come alone, Keefe and Bryce from team 2471 Mean Machine, joined in too !

Robo’Lyon is back !

The team is finally together, we can't wait to start this new year!