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The competition

We just participated in the FIRST Midwest Regional in Chicago.

Zoom team Lyon

On April 4th, 16 members of Robo'Lyon will fly to Chicago.

BBL Transport

We would like to thank the BBL company!


During this season, the CNC (numerical control machine) was again very useful.

Back to the launch of RFF

Part of the team went to Paris Bercy at the Ministry of Economy and Finance for the launch of Robotique FIRST France.

Parents-partners demonstration

We welcomed parents and partners in order to present our robot! The evenin

The Rhône Senator meets the team !

This week, 3 team members went to Lyon to present Robo’Lyon to M. François-Noël Buffet, Senator of the Rhône.

It’s Winter break!

It's the winter break! A great opportunity for the whole team to mobilize before the competition in Chicago.

Communication plan

This year, for our communication to be more effective, we have set up a communication plan.

The WorldSkills

This year, Robo'Lyon took part in the WorldSkills which took place in Lyon in January