Find the history of all our publications.

Work with ESDES

Robo'Lyon was approached by ESDES Business School to support students in their study project

And the WalkAssistant

We are glad to announce that we are going on with our Walk-Assistant project! 

Parkinson’s event

Robo'Lyon's team organized an event around Parkinson's disease for high school students. The aim was to change the way people look at this disease...

Exposition at the Hôtel de Région

On April 11, 2022, one of our team members went to the “Hôtel de Région” in Lyon to attend a photography exhibition.

Our trophy !

We finally got our Global Innovation Award Trophy! We are so glad!

France Parkinson’s visit

We met with members of the association "France Parkinson" to organize future projects together.

3rd Night of Solidary Innovation

This year, Robo'Lyon took part in the 3rd Night of Solidary Innovation which took place on January 27th and 28th in Lyon

Parkinson’s conference

Robo’lyon was invited by the private hospital of North-Lyon for a conference on Parkinson’s disease. That way, we were able to present our « Walk Assistant » innovation in front of patients and important persons.

2021 BIG

2021 was a very eventful year for Robo'Lyon. We had the opportunity to participate in the BIG 2021 organised by BPI France on 7 October 2021.

They are talking about us

Robo'Lyon has created and developed, as part of the Innovation Challenge of the First® Robotics Competition, a prototype of a belt allowing people with Parkinson's disease to walk. With this prototype we became world champions in robotics. This victory allowed us to have a better visibility with the media.