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TraceParts’ visit

One of our most loyal sponsors, TraceParts, came to visit us a few days ago !


This week, we present the conveyor: this mechanism allows the robot, once it has caught a ball, to bring it to the mechanism that will expel it (shooter).

It’s Winter break!

It's the winter break! A great opportunity for the whole team to mobilize before the competition in Chicago.

Finalization of the robot plans

We are in the final stretch of the robot's design. The final plans for all the mechanisms must be completed and sent by Monday, February 21 to our partner, Groupe Noël.

Two teams (Chicago/Lyon)

Every year we usually the whole team to the competition, but this year is a bit special because of the health measures, so we won't have that chance…

Our trophy !

We finally got our Global Innovation Award Trophy! We are so glad!


We've had the opportunity of be featured in this famous magazine aimed at teenagers.

Launch of the Excellence Pro Network

To support the growth of work-study programs, the Excellence pro network was launched on Friday, February 11.


For several weeks, part of the team has been working on an essential mechanism of the robot : the climber.

Communication plan

This year, for our communication to be more effective, we have set up a communication plan.