Robo'Lyon has about 40 members.

Our team number.

We are the 5553 th team registered for the FIRST® Robotics Competition.
Allusion to our metropolis Lyon .
Symbol of our strength and power.
Easy to understand and memorize.
Building robots as part of the FIRST® Robotics Competition,
The reference to our origins.
Blue, White, Red
Colors of France , which we wear high during the competition.
The FIRST French Team
Pride to be the 1st French team to participate in the FIRST® Robotics Competition.
English for the international dimension
The competition provides high school students with new knowledge in engineering, programming, mechanics, robotics, marketing and communication.
High school students, parents, teachers, professionals, alumnis... all gathered around the same objective.
Teamwork is central. Listening, benevolence, respect for others and their commitments, are essential keys to make progress.
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Robo’Lyon is the first french team to take part in  FIRST® Robotics Competition


This is the lifeblood of Robo’Lyon! About 8 students per level in order to guarantee the continuity of the team from one year to the next and to maintain our level of excellence. This year 25 young people, including 7 girls, are eager to acquire new skills.


Former members of the team, the Alumni, while pursuing their higher education, continue to work for the community by transmitting their knowledge and knowledge.


Students or professionals, they help and guide the hygh school students sharing their professional experience.


ROBO’LYON is Notre Dame de Bellegarde’s high school robotics team. Its members have the will to learn and to contribute to spreading  science and technology within their community.

Being part of FRC’s competitions not only enables them to built innovative robots but also exposes them to the business world. Through technical and administrative issues, they acquire very tangible skills for their integration into the professional world.



a team an adventure international passion commitment cooperation knowledge learning discovery

SEASON 2023-2024
SEASON 2022-2023
SEASON 2021-2022
SEASON 2020-2021
SEASON 2019-2020
SEASON 2018-2019
SEASON 2017-2018
SEASON 2016-2017
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