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Pilot training

The pilot and the co-pilot are training to drive our robot.

Our 2 robots

You may not know it, but every year we build 2 identical robots!

Robot assembly

One robot is planned to be shipped to Chicago this Monday, March 21st.

Our robot has left for Chicago !

Our robot has finally left for Chicago!


This week, our focus is on a major pole : programming.


As you may know, in this year's game we have to shoot balls into a Hub. This is why we would like to introduce our new shooter


This week, we present the conveyor: this mechanism allows the robot, once it has caught a ball, to bring it to the mechanism that will expel it (shooter).

Finalization of the robot plans

We are in the final stretch of the robot's design. The final plans for all the mechanisms must be completed and sent by Monday, February 21 to our partner, Groupe Noël.


For several weeks, part of the team has been working on an essential mechanism of the robot : the climber.

The Intake

After showing you the progress of the field construction last week, today we are going to talk about our Intake.