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Follow the Innovations Awards ceremony live

The evolution of our prototype

During the Innovation project, our prototype, Walk Assistant, changed. We made 4 prototypes with evolutions

Mounting and assembly of components

Team Robo'Lyon has many talents. Today we introduce you to Oscar.

France info report

On June 2021, France Info filmed a report about our project Walk Assistant initially for the Innovation Challenge !

Prototype testing

All the team took a great pleasure to welcome Gérard for a 1st series of tests of our prototype

Images production

The Robo'Lyon team is lucky to have 2 video and animation enthusiasts among its members.

Medical support

In order to better understand Parkinson's disease and the problems related to walking, we consulted specialists from hospitals in Lyon and Lille.

Programming Team

The "Programming" team works on the program allowing the different components of our smart belt to communicate with each other.

Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson's disease affects more than 6 million people worldwide. This neurodegenerative disease is very disabling.

CAD Team

Each week, discover the specialties of the team members: Today the CAD.