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Robo’Lyon’s office has changed!

Gear Box

This is new at Robo'Lyon: we create two-speed gearboxes! The goal? Have the best torque/speed ratio!

Short deadlines !

A hard-working morning for the CAD team. Today, at 2pm, the plans for our first mechanisms and our final drivetrain must be sent to one of our manufacturer partner!


Trello is our online project management tool. It allows us to be efficient in our organization and to prioritize tasks.

Intake in preseason

During this new pre-season, part of the CAD team has been working on an INTAKE mecanism. The team whishes the INTAKE to be able to pick up a cone, a complex shape, difficult to grab.

New printer

A new printer thanks to CREADIL

turret advancement

A first version of the turret will soon be ready to be machined.

Groupe Noel

As you may know, Groupe Noel is one of our biggest sponsor.


Cubes, cones, and moving platforms : those are great new motivating challenges!! 💪🤩

Primptemps de Pérouges

Brand new sponsor for Robo'Lyon!