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Registration for the “Innovation” Challenge

Since the marhc the 1rst, the 5553 team is officialy registered to the Innovation challenge

Registration for the “At Home” challenge

Since Monday, March 1, 2021, Team 5553 is officially registered for the "At Home" Challenge!

Thanks to Groupe Noel

Groupe Noel is our partner since 5 years, by machining the parts of our robot.

The end of the holidays

Relive the second and last week of February holidays!

Glasses collect

This year, Robo'Lyon renew the collect of glasses made with the aim of recycling and distributing them. Thanks to the association Medico Lions Clubs de France, we are mobilizing to help underprivileged populations in third-word's countries in our own way. For more informations, don't hesitate to caste over our website robolyon.com ! Read again the article from the website: https://robolyon.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=6938&action=edit&classic-editor__forget

The construction of the game field with Solmurex

A big thank you to Solmurex who provided us with the carpet for the playground for the “At Home” challenge.

A week of vacations at Robo’Lyon

The first week of February vacation is is always very studious at Robo'Lyon

A completely redesigned conveyor

In order to optimize the loading of the bales and to avoid blocking of the bales in the robot, the team decided to replace the current conveyor with a barrel.

Innovation Challenge us

This year, FIRST® Robotics Competition propose us a challenge"Innovation" ! It consists of creating an object which aims to make service to people in difficulty or to solve everyday problems. We have chosen to help people with Parkinson's disease by offering them walking assistance.

Programmation has already started

This week, we worked on acceleration ramps. This consists of gradually accelerating the robo to better control his speed. If we vary too brutally the speed of the robo, it skates, trembles and / or resonates; that reaction is terrible for us because if the robo's wheels turned, without it moving forward, that scrambles robot tracking, it he will not arrive at his destination and we will not validate the challenge.