Finalization of the robot plans

We are in the final stretch of the robot’s design. The final plans for all the mechanisms must be completed and sent by Monday, February 21 to our partner, Groupe Noël.

The parts will then be machined so that we can assemble the mechanisms and finish the robot by the end of February before it is shipped to Chicago early March!

We still have to perform some modifications on a few mechanisms but we hope to be ready before Sunday evening.
The whole team is mobilized and working hard to meet this deadline.

During these important moments, we realize the cohesion and efficiency of the team. The robot is progressing and taking shape day by day. This is very exciting for all of us!

The final plans are the result of the work done since the beginning of the year. For each mechanism, there first was a research phase, then design on computer phase (CAD), before building and testing several prototypes.

We would like to thank the Noël group for its continued support as well as BBL who takes care of the transportation of our robot!

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