Our drive train

This week we received our drive train from one of our partners, BCM Metallerie. We had sent them the drawings prepared by the team during the pre-season.

First, we visited the company’s premises. We had the opportunity to see many machines in operation and to understand how they work.

Then we discovered our machined aluminium base.

We’re really pleased to have it because we can now start training and see how our robot will look like. The base is a central element for the competition and we are very grateful to BCM for machining it for us.
This base is a training model. Indeed, in view of this year’s game, we are thinking of building a base that is open at the end, that way, the balls could get caught easily.

Eventually, our plan is to standardize the base in order to reuse it every year and to develop a system that we could decide to open at the ends or not.
We are happy to work with companies like BCM, their help is very valuable to us !

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