2021 was a very eventful year for Robo’Lyon. We had the opportunity to participate in the BIG 2021 organised by BPI France on 7 October 2021.

This annual trade fair is the largest business fair in Europe and brings together many companies. The French President, Emmanuel Macron, was present at this show. BIG allowed us to highlight Robo’Lyon’s projects and ambitions. Hervé de Malliard allowed us to participate in this event.

During the event, Victor and Pénélope presented Robo’Lyon and our innovation. We thank them for their superb presentation. Our mentor Stéphane also presented the interest of our projects to young people and encouraged the creation of other robotics teams in France.

In addition to the multitude of valuable contacts obtained, the many enriching exchanges, we received a lot of encouragement and congratulations, which encourage us to continue and persevere in our projects.

We would like to thank our ambassador Hervé de Malliard for this wonderful opportunity.

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