Shooter Test

Nathan and Quentin B have been working on a shooter mechanism that allows them to test and optimize the launch settings. The first tests proved to be very conclusive.

The main purpose of this shooter is to analyze and determine an optimal spacing so that the note is thrown with consistent accuracy, no matter where on the field it is.

In addition, the team wondered whether it was necessary to apply spin to the launch (similar to that given to a frisbee) to ensure a straight trajectory.It is also crucial to determine the degree of compression of the ball. Currently, they are studying the different possible configurations.

The shooter team encountered a major problem: the engines were too powerful (6,300 rpm). Even if they only rotate them at a speed between 3,000 and 4,000 rpm, it is enough to deform the wheels and make the wooden structure shake. These tests highlighted the importance of the choice of materials.

This prototype will serve as the basis for another shooter, designed by Noé and Victor. This is how we proceed within the team to design an even more efficient robot.

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