Training for the real kick off !

During the weekend of October 22-23, our team trained for the January 7 kick off. Our goal was to prepare for the real event and to help the new recruits really understand how the competition goes.

How was the weekend organized ?

First, the whole team watched the explainer video and the game manual taken from the 2018 game (Power Up). Then, per groups of 3-4 combining new and experienced students, we analyzed the different actions and the rounds of movements that the robot can execute but also potential mechanisms.

After this reflection phase, all the groups presented their work and shared the most efficient strategies with the rest of the team.

We also had a lot of fun working ! For example, we had to simulate a match so we prepared the field by putting tables and chairs on the carpet and then we practiced the game with human robots. We also timed the different actions and cycles. After that we did some scouting that is we analyzed previous matches.

Our match simulation

These two days were really intense but really fun. This weekend allowed all the members to experience efficient and positive teamwork and now we’re ready for the upcoming season !

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