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On April 4th, 16 members of Robo’Lyon will fly to Chicago. Therefore, the team will be divided into 2 groups: one will be in Chicago while the other one will stay in Lyon. Here is a concrete description of the role of the group staying at home.

Each member, mentor and student, will have a very important mission to perform, especially regarding scouting and communication. The communication team will be in charge of writing articles in order to inform as many people as possible about the latest news and the team’s progress.
Others will do scouting: this consists in studying the games and elaborating strategies in order to build the best alliance for the play-offs. Finally, other team members will take care of the videos, manage the lives and communicate every hour with Chicago.

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ROBO’LYON a remporté au moins un prix chaque année a déjà été qualifié 3 fois au championship a été fondé en 2015 comprend environ 40 membres