2 Americans at Robo’Lyon !

Anthony DAILLY, accompanied by Keefe Koenig and Bryce Croucher, members of team FRC 2471, visited us on our integration day.
Anthony, one of the creators of Robo’Lyon; he funded Robo’Lyon in 2014 when returning from a trip to the United States.
It all started during his trip to the United States: there he met Keefe and Bryce and lived his first experience of the FIRST® Robotics Competition.
When he returned to France, he decided to create a team in Notre Dame de Bellegarde; this was the beginning of Robo’Lyon.


We gave them a tour of our local, and explained our robot and the functioning of our team.
With the mentors, they were able to talk about the competition and remember the time when they were competing at the same time.
Bryce and Keefe made a speech to thank us for this visit !
This meeting was a great experience, rich in lessons, especially on the evolution of the FIRST® Robotics Competition.

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