Programming Team

The students in charge of programming on the Innovation project are Roméo, Eymeric and Alexandre.

They use the Arduino IDE software to code with the C programming language.

Their mission is essential because they allow the communication between the different components of our smart belt thanks to their software. This program allows to capture the patient’s walking data provided by the accelerometer which captures the movements and tremors of the person as well as analyzing this information and transmitting it to the lasers so that they can light up consequently.
This software is stored on a board called Arduino board.

For our Walk Assistant, our programmers have also designed an application that would allow to adjust the lasers remotely. Through Bluetooth, the phone on which the application is installed can communicate with the Arduino board and make adjustments adapted to each patient’s needs.

Romeo, Eymeric and Alexandre work together to make sure that the application communicates with the prototype.

Currently, two applications exist. One collects data on the patient’s walking, movements, tremors and the other application remotely controls the lasers. Soon, they will merge into one!

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