Team creation

2 new teams are starting in FRC this year

16 institutions interested in starting in 2023

All over France

Founding partner of Robotique FIRST France

Présentation à une future équipe

"I wanted to get involved again and help Robo'Lyon in its efforts because this association has given me a lot. Creating teams allows me to take on management responsibilities and also to pass on my knowledge to high school students. Finally, I think it is important that the values of FIRST are spread in France."

"The development of new teams in France is based on meetings with schools. That's why we do not hesitate to travel, meet teams and invite all the students and adults who wish to advance in the project to visit our premises"

Inspire our youth

Esther Durant, presenting robotics to youth

Our achievements

Exhibitions and events


Participation in 3 exhibitions

WorldSkills, NAIA.R, le Printemps du numérique

Thousands of participants



Presentations to high school students

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Creation of a French Discord

Youth press

2 articles and 1 audio podcast

1 audio podcast

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