Meeting with high school students

One of our goals is to encourage the emergence of new FIRST® teams in France. Some members of the team had the opportunity to present Robo’Lyon in Blaise Pascal high school in Orsay. This high school had been particularly interested in the project during the TedX Youth in Saclay last September and may be motivated to create a third French team!

Pénélope Nazaret, Tom Gourru-Bourgeois and Théo Demesy gave an oral presentation of roughly ten minutes in front of many high school students.

The members of Robo’Lyon weren’t the only speakers, other high school students were present to talk about various subjects, each one as exciting as the other.

“It was an enriching experience, in addition to having overcome my fear of speaking in front of more than a hundred people, I also learned a lot about various subjects such as the importance of nutrition and the environment”, Théo Demesy, a student from Notre Dame de Bellegarde, reports.

Once again, this presentation showed us that the FIRST® Robotics Competition is not just about robots and that, in addition to making progress in computer science, mechanics and everything that constitutes the professions of today and tomorrow, this adventure allows us to grow by pushing our limits and by committing ourselves to a project that is not lacking in ambition!

One thing is certain, the team will continue to present the association in order to spread the values of FIRST® with the idea of sharing this incredible experience with other high school students in France.

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