The evolution of our prototype

During the Innovation project, our prototype, Walk Assistant, changed. We made 4 prototypes with evolutions. In prototype 0, we had a micro Arduino board, a 9 volt battery, a Bluetooth antenna and an accelerometer. There were a lot of wires going in all directions.
For prototype 1, the CAD team designed a support for the lasers and for the system, which would act as a belt buckle.
Then, for prototype 2, we replaced the Arduino, the Bluetooth antenna and the accelerometer by an Arduino nano which includes the Bluetooth antenna and the accelerometer.
We are now at prototype 3. Our components are functional and compatible with the belt. There is a new battery, this time a lithium battery rechargeable with a USB cable. Our home-made PCB is also installed for the control of the lasers.

Here is a video made by the Communication team to visualize the evolution of our prototype:

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