A disrupted start to the year

At the beginning of the 2020-2021 seaso , due to Covid-19, the whole team had to adapt to the situation and will experience the competition in “At Home” mode

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As you know, coronavirus puts the strain on the lives of each of us as well as professional life.

For our part, Robolyon members have made decisions and found solutions to stay active!

During the containment period, every Saturday from 9am, we organize a video conference with all the members of the team with the aim of exchanging different information, taking stock of the past week and preparing the work for the coming week.

We have created, thanks to discord, virtual trade shows (CAD, communication, programming) and each subgroup pursues its work independently in one of the virtual salons. This allows us to divide the work better and faster.

Out of the containment period, we meet on weekends and Wednesdays at the local while respecting the safety instructions: the wearing of the mask, the use of hydroalcoholic gel and social distance.

An experience never seen in the FIRST® history because if the coronavirus persits, the competition will not be in the present. There will therefore be no event in attendance with the other teams.

The FIRST® also adapts to this situation by offering us a competition “at home” : “GAME CHANGERS” that allows us to “reinvent the rules of the game”

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Don’t hesitate to follow us to be kept up to date on the progress of the project!

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