VENCK Conception

This Tuesday, November 2nd, during the holiday internship course, 2 members of Venck Conception came to Robo’Lyon’s office to see how we work. This company is a design office (CAD) specialized in the design of special machines.

Its two managers want to develop a domestic robot project.
For that, we agreed on an exchange: they will help us on the computer-aided design (CAD) and on the constraints in terms of material resistance. We will help them in the field of programming in order to progress and acquire new skills in different fields.

In order to improve the Robo’Lyon and Venck Conception team, we will organize two masterclasses with Jérôme Venck and Célim Zebbon :

The first one will take place in December 2021 and the second one in early 2022.

We thank them for their visit and their commitment to help us during these masterclasses.

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