France info report

On June 22, at 10 am, a filming took place for a report of France Info, which could bring us more visibility in France. This one concerns the innovation project of Robo’Lyon, initially for the Innovation Challenge. We had been selected by the First® for the final.

The journalist and her cameraman, interested in the health aspect of the project, came to attend one of our daily meetings. They were able to observe tests of the innovation with Gerard, Victor’s grandfather, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease.

The aim of the innovation project is to provide people with this disease with a walking aid. The team has chosen to work on improving the condition of the patients in their daily lives.

Indeed, one of the main disorders can be the inability to walk. These people need a reference point. With this in mind, members of our team have developed a system that uses a laser to project a landmark on the ground.

Gérard, a retired person, was assisted by our team and by the journalist of France Info, he was able to try the first version of the projection laser.

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