Prototype testing

Today, the team had the pleasure to meet Gerard. He is our first tester, but he is also the grandfather of 2 team members.

For more than half an hour, Gerard didn’t hold his efforts to let us see the advantages and disadvantages of our innovation.

We discovered new stakes from this first test phase

  • 1. The foot-laser distance is significant,
  • 2. The alternation pf the lasers is not necessary, a constant laser is sufficient,
  • 3. To detect the patient walk is not determining, because we realised that a constant laser was more efficient,
  • 4. The laser’s width on the ground is essential (25 inches are required).

  • 1st step: we keep 2 lasers but in an offset position,
  • 2nd step: we put one laser, and design a mechanism to set the laser angle manually,
  • 3rd step: we integrate a servo drive in order to automatically set the laser angle depending on the patient’s posture.

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