End of the “At Home” challenge

The “At home” challenge ends today, in fact, we have until 8pm to upload the videos of our robot in action on the FIRST® website.

No face-to-face competition, but several challenges to take up!

We were able to test our “Scrumtrooper V2.0” robot on our brand new field.

We realized 4 courses with pilot, and 2 in total autonomy, that is to say without human intervention. The robot is programmed to carry out these courses alone.

Barrel Racing


The “Barrel” combines speed and precision and which consists in turning around 3 successive studs and returning to the starting point, as quickly as possible and without moving the studs.

Here is the result without pilot, in complete autonomy!


Bounce Path


The ” Bounce ” aims at moving the studs in a precise area of the field.



The “Light” is a course in two laps that requires great precision because a penalty is given when touching one of the obstacles positioned on the field



The “Slalom”, as its name indicates, consists in going back and forth by slaloming between the different studs of the field.

Here is the result without pilot, in complete autonomy!


Congratulations to our pilot Axel who has done a great job and achieved these 4 courses in a masterly way!

And congratulations also to the programming team who succeeded to complete 2 courses without fail and with a great time.

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