Registration for the “At Home” challenge

Registration is the essential step to take part in the competition this year. A little before the deadline team 5553 registered for the Challenge “At Home”!

What should our robot do?

The robot must be able to work in 2 different ways:

“Full Autonomy” mode

Without human intervention

It’ s the programing that allows the robot to move around.

2 distinct timed circuits

“Remote control” mode

A pilot controls the robot’s movements and actions on the field.

The 1st round consists of avoiding as much as possible the obstacles present on the ground.

The 2 other rounds include ball retrieval at different points of the playing field and shots in the zone of point with 100% accuracy

Our Robot : SCRUMTROOPER 2.0

We are working on an improved version of our 2020 robot, based on the exchanges we had with the different teams present at the Los Angeles Regional last year.


  • 6 traction wheels
  • 11,3 ft/s
  • 4 Neo brushless motors


  • 3 sets of wheels
  • Retractable thanks to 2 actuators


  • The advantage of a barrel is the possibilty of storing cells as they come in and to eject them on demand.
  • The barrel has a motor that will turn the power cells tank and thanks to blades will send them into the shooter. This mechanism is similar to a revolver.
  • The construction of the cylinder is a real challenge for the team because we never experrienced such a mechanism before.


  • Flywheel shooter
  • 2 sets of wheels push the balls up to the shooter
  • 360° turret
  • Adjustable hood to control shoot angle


  • C++
  • Use of a visual recognition software: photo vision
  • Characterization of engines

Trajectory following

  • Path generation tool based on segments, arcs and clothoids
  • Motion profiling and trajectory calculation

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Electronic components of robots

ROBO’LYON a remporté au moins un prix chaque année a déjà été qualifié 3 fois au championship a été fondé en 2015 comprend environ 40 membres