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This year, Robo’Lyon is renewing the collection of glasses made with the aim of recycling and distributing them. Thanks to the association Medico Lions Clubs de France, we are mobilizing to help underprivileged populations in third-world’s countries in our own way.

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Changing your pair of glasses is common in rich countries such as France/European countries. Each year, the renewal of these is estimated at 4,000,000 pairs of glasses in France.

However, people in poor countries can hardly obtain glasses because they have very low means of payment. Buying glasses is a luxury!

Through his actions, Medico LCF reclaim the glasses free of charge, which has allowed him to dispach more than 5 million pairs in total to those who need them most. In 2018/2019, a total of 3,205,688 pairs are collected.

The price of a pair of recycled glasses is 1.80 euros on average. That’s why our partnership with Lions Clubs de France makes this project achievable again this year!

Thank you all for your commitment in previous years! We’re counting on you during this collection again this year! 😎 Just follow a few selections criterion; the pair of eyeglasses must be in good condition, limited astigmatism, a correction gap between the two eyes reduced and no progressive lenses.

Send us your glasses 455-457 Rue des Chantiers – 76600 LE HAVRE and/or contact us to +33(0)2 35 41 38 55

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