Visit of a photographer

The Robo’Lyon team organized a day on the theme of Parkinson’s disease at its school. On May 23, 4 speakers were present to discuss the disease in different ways with the 750 high school students of Notre-Dame de Bellegarde.

On Friday, May 6, Thierry Peyronny, president of the association “Photographes et Parkinsoniens” , visited our school to capture photos of students in their daily lives, playing sports, at the cafeteria, in the theater room, in the computer room, in the science lab…

It was a real pleasure to see, on the one hand the photographer exercising his passion and on the other hand all the students who were enthusiastic about this beautiful activity! We would like to thank Thierry Peyronny for his interest in this event and for his collaboration with Robo’Lyon and the Notre-Dame de Bellegarde school.

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