A particular end to the 2020 season

The 2020 season was rich in emotions !

A robot that reinvents itself in 1 day under the flabbergasted of our guests and thanks to the mobilization of the whole team until the start. A competition that ends with the coveted Prize of Inspiration in Engineering, the sesame to continue the adventure to Houston !

Relive the best moments …

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Our robot has just won a new victory !
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Be able to rise to the top in end of match ensures 1 ranking point
A challenge that is not the easiest but worth it
ROBO'LYON à Los Angeles en 2020: Inspiration en ingénierie
Los Angeles 2020: ROBO’LYON wins the Engineering Inspiration Award

Beautiful images are sometimes better than a long speech! Here’s all we’ve been through at the competition in a few minutes.

And then a news that catches up with us, us who were still on our cloud!

 The season stops abruptly.

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